Associate Membership

The following items must be provided to apply for associate membership:

  • a formal letter requesting associate membership addressed to the membership committee of ICMA
  • a copy of the current annual report
  • a copy of the current financial statement

Applications for membership must be forwarded by registered mail to the secretariat which will examine them for completeness and adequacy at the address below:

International Capital Market Association (ICMA)
Membership Department
Dreikönigstrasse 8

Please be informed that upon admission to membership of the Association, the name of the firm, address, telephone and telefax numbers and website URL will, together with the business and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers for named individuals employed or engaged by you and such other details provided by you to the Association for this purpose from time to time, be included in the ICMA Members’ Register and published on the ICMA website for access and use by other ICMA members and, via subscription, by non-members. In particular, the firm will obtain the appropriate consents from the relevant individuals to allow such use of their contact details by the Association, other ICMA members and non-members prior to making such details available to ICMA.