International Capital Market Association (ICMA)

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This site provides organisations who wish to apply for membership of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) with details on the types of membership available and the eligibility criteria; the membership fee structure as well as members’ obligations. The application form as well as required documents to support the application are also detailed on this site.

For more detailed information on ICMA, please go to the ICMA homepage.

The international capital market, which started over 50 years ago with the issue of the first Eurobond in 1963, has grown to serve the funding needs of governments, supranationals, corporate and financial institutions from all over the world, issuing in a wide range of currencies, with a similarly diverse global investor base. For almost five decades, the International Capital Market Association has brought together market participants to develop the internationally accepted standards of market practice that have underpinned the development of this market.

A worldwide association with a European focus, its members are geographically widespread in over 60 countries and vary considerably in size and type of activities. They range from the largest global investment banks with a presence in numerous countries to small regional banks primarily servicing retail bond investors.

The membership also includes asset managers, central banks, trade bodies and market infrastructure providers as well as professional advisers such as law firms.